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Our solutions

Company Background

Our company is established in Bangkok, Thailand
and comprised of 8 key expertises and team
who have intensive experience (more than 10 years)
in various multination corporations (MNCs)
and industries, involved with Audit, Accounting,
Finance, Legal, IT infrastructure, IT programmer,
Engineering and Operation management.

Cloud ERP

We are providing online (Cloud) business software and application such as online ERP is software for managment in a whole company's data and documentation also posting all transaction to accounting book and accounting system automatically including the reports of accounting, finance, tax and tax form submission according to accounting standard.Or Accounting Software which focus on accounting's data, documentation and systemAnd other Web application for your Big Data solution and management system requirement.

Either online cloud ERP or cloud Accounting Software will assist the company's big data management and documentation completely and security. There are many reports of accounting, finance, tax and other relevant for customer management benefit

Our online ERP Software products are included the following:

Online Sales Management (Sales Software)

Online Purchasing Management (Purchasing Software)

Online Accounting Management (Online Accounting Sotware)

Online Project Management (Project Management Software)

Online Inventory Management (Stock Management)

Online Fixed Asset Management

Our online application to help customers have fast business information and report to analysis and consider such as accounting report, financial report, then customers can take fast and right action to their business to make more business compettive advance in the internet and digital generation.

Our experience are in many business areas from Thai SMEs, Foreign SMEs to Multi-International Companies. We have specialist with professional team to consist of all customer in consulting about the business, IT, ERP and accounting system.

Our service render via cloud or SAAS (software as a service). Customers no need to invest a big money, and no concern about work place limitation because customers can use our software anywhere in the world where has internet signal.
Data and information of customers are keep in secure place and confidentaility as we have a strong firewall and protection.